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Polyglycol Shale Stabilizer



Global Drilling Fluids and Chemicals Limited at its ISO 9001 Certified Manufacturing facility in Ghansar , Gujarat manufactures a range of High Performance Polyglycol Based Shale Stabilizers.

Also Commonly Known as Cloud Point Glycols are a Blend of Specialy Formulated high temperature Glycols providing the complete range of Cloud Points:


GLO CP GLYCOL HC High Temperature Cloud Point Glycol
GLO CP GLYCOL MC Medium Temperature Cloud Point Glycol
GLO CP GLYCOL LC  Low Temperature Cloud Point Glycol
GLO ASP 1000 Asphalitic Shale Stabilizer
GLO OBM SHALE STAB 1000 OBM Shale Stabilizer


The Glycols Manufactured by Global Drilling Fluids and chemicals are Packaged in 55 Gallon Drums /5 Gal Can and also Supplied in 1000 Liter ISO tanks
For More Information on Drilling Glycols , Product Data Sheets, MSDS Sheets and Case Studies Please write to us at sales@globaldrilling.in