Global Drilling Fluids and Chemicals Limited


Global Drilling Fluids & Chemicals Limited (GDFCL) is the Single Largest Drilling Fluids manufacturer of Specialty Drilling Fluids and Mud Chemicals based out of India . With 8 State of the Art Manufacturing Spread Across India GDFCL is the Prefered Supplier to the Leading Mud Engineering/Service companies and Drilling Companies. Our High Performance Mud chemicals and Drilling Fluids are sold in over 30 Countries in all 5 continents to the total Satisfaction Of Our customers .

Each of Our manufacturing Facilities Has the Highest Quality Standards and are ISO 9001 Certified and Maintain the Highest Standards of HSE .

Besides manufacturing of a wide variety of Oil Field products and Drilling Fluids and Drilling Mud Additives .GDFCL provides Drilling Fluid and testing Solutions to Mud Service companies and Drilling Contractors

drilling fluids

- GDFCL  Expands Capacity for the manufacture of Lignosulfonates .

- GDFCL Comissions New Manufacturing facility for High Temperature Drilling Polymers in Gujarat

-GDFCL Commences Supplies for Oil Based Mud Systems

-GDFCL Director Awarded For Excellence in Oilfield Chemicals

GDFCL Opens Warehouse in North East India

GDFCL Sucessfully Completes Mud Supply contract in South America

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